What do you interpret with the next message?

I sent to my guy (now my ex) the next message:

"_____, I release you, I accept what you told me. Also I don't want neither hurt you nor make you unhappy. I'll be fine. Maybe in the future, our friendship can rekindle."

I hope I didn't sound very submissive.


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  • Different meanings can be drawn from the text. "I release you" could mean you had your ex boyfriend captive. It also could mean you were acting against his wishes. The phrase also begs the question, release [him] of what? Pain?

    Once the second phrase—"I accept what you told me"—is read in conjunction with the preceding phrase, it seems you were unwilling to let go of something or him.

    However, the second sentence contradicts the previous meaning. The second sentence suggests you are one breaking up. If that isn't the case, it does seem the second sentence is line with the previous sentence, but phrased in a manner to suggest you are doing him a favour of letting go of him.

    • two weeks ago, I complained that he didn't call me like he promised, unfortunately i called him just when his work shift was getting over. So he had a break out that he couldn't sustain a good relationship, that he was frustrated that we couldn't see each other and he wanted to break up and remain as friends, I didn't neither accept or reject his idea, i told him to see each other the next day, but next day he told me he couldn't make it so i opted to solve it through phone.

      Apparently it was solved, but I started to feel that he didn't want to see me and we haven't been in contact since last week. I didn't try to contact him until yesterday, but he hasn't contacted me. I cried, I really cried, because I was just stopping the inevitable, so I sent him this message.

    • I am sorry for the painful emotions you are going through. You've done what a caring girlfriend would do. It's up to him to respond to accordingly.

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  • Wow what a bitch, Now I gotta find another ass.


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  • Letting him go from the relationship until you can both find a middle ground and be happy as individuals together in the future

    • It is a sweet way to put it, hope he could have understood it in That way. If not, well, it is his problem.

    • It was a sweet way to put it. Something's wrong with him if he didn't understand that lol

  • The "I release you" part sounds really weird.


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