Should I move on? I asked her out all I get is grey answers.

shes a freshman in college.

she constantly ask me what I'm doing?

while she's at college, she expects me to stay at home all day.

we go out every weekend.

she only has an interest in me (that's what she says)

she will be very ill if I don't tell her I'm going out to the club without her. She doesn't drink or smoke.

she doesn't go to the club without me.

she gets ill when I'm out riding around pass 10pm.

she says she don't know what shed do without me.

her parent maybe going through some stuff.

she constantly text me,follows me. she made a statement that if something was to happen to me...she will never find happiness... she says I'm not wasting time. I asked her did she want a break from me she says no.


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  • 9 times out of 10 that statement means you are only friend material and not dating material to her. This would explain why she would hang out with you going to clubs and stuff but not go out with you. She could also be testing you out though before she made a commitment and got her heart broke again though.

  • What is your question?


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