Why is he so mean?

Why after the breakup has my ex turned so mean. The ignoring and all is pretty standard I know from breakups. But being angry when he does talk, refuses to see me as he thinks we will just have sex, which I've no intention in doing. And last night he said if he asked we all know I would show him my body. I said I wouldn't do that and he is seeing Someone new so he wouldn't ask me too. Why has he turned into such an asshole.


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  • Some people do that as a way of coping with loss or grief

    • But he dumped me, how can he be hurting, I never did anything bad. He was stressed and took it out on me.

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    • He doesn't sound worth the time. It sounds like he's just trying to push you away

    • I know but he still stalks my snapchat stories and all, why is he doing that if he's not thinking about me or am I clutching at straws

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