I have lost my sex appeal because of a bad break up? Is this a real thing?

This may sound silly.. but ever since I received some really harsh words from my ex of 4 years I have felt no longer appealing to the opposite sex. The strange part is my ex didn't mention anything physical, in fact he still is attracted to me... he said for years I havn't been the sweet girl he knew when he first met me and it killed something in me, I felt so hurt and betrayed even writing this sounds ridiculous. I used to have guys checking me out/flirting but not anymore... I feel like I lost a part of me. Does this sound real or anyone experince this before? Many thanks :D


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  • I think when you grow up or go through a bad relationship you change a lot almost die but you build yourself up again and find someone that you need to be with. When my ex and I broke up I went nuts I was so hurt I did some stupid shit we got back together I realized we weren't meant to go this far together we broke up I started hanging out with this guy that I thought we'd just be friends and now we've been dating for over a year and I have become that sweet girl again. I'm so happy

    • Wow, you are so right @ckirk15! I became a bitter, resentful person and he brought out the worse in me... not until he said it did it really impact me :( I feel scarred, but worse I feel like my sweetness is gone. I hope I can find someone who will help bring out the best in me and them :)

    • You will it'll take sometime but you will

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