Is there no chance in hell?

So I had a female best friend! I told her my feelings and we haven't talked in a 2 months.

Wished her happy B-day via text, as her b-day was a few days ago. She says "thank you :)"! Ok...

now ow I don't read into much but I'm just confused slightly. So next day, I text her "hey "her", I would really like if we could talk sometime soon.

No response :(💔!! Is it game over or could she respond later?

note: I know "move on" might get said. and if she doesn't I will sadly. But I just want a face to face to fix this or just talk in general to end amicably over ending this way.


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  • Bruh, might have to throw in the white towel. But man I hate when girls do this! Just tell us if you don't like us instead of countless hours of silence and ignoring. Ughh😧

    • Sorry for late reply!!! But yes bro, yes!!! If rather just hear the no, than have things be like this. Just silence and no understanding... just confusion.

      I'd hate to have to throw in the white towel, but you could be right.

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