What should I do to move on after a breakup?

What should I do to feel better after a breakup? :(


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  • I think the best you can do right now is spend more time with friends, do things that you really enjoy doing on your own, and mainly give yourself time to heal. It's a process and as every process, it takes some time. And always keep in mind that you will love again :)


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  • These are just some things that seemed to help me.
    Don't look back to what you've lost. Look forward to what lies ahead. Use what you've learned to make wiser decisions.
    If you're still feeling sad and wounded try immersing yourself in great books and physical activity. Avoid jumping right into another relationship because you won't be thinking clearly. Avoid self pity and overeating. Remember that time is a great healer too.

  • Go out with you're friends, spend money on yourself, hang out with you're family and take up a hobby all these thing will make yourself feel better because you are finally treating yourself


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