Everytime we argue or I accidentally say something wrong, he breaks up with me?

I have been off and on with my ex for almost 3 years. He loves me, I know he does and I love him but we are both tired of constantly breaking up. Last week for example he broke up with me. I accidentally "insulted" him. He's at a continuation school to get credits because his family moves a lot. I cracked a joke about it not realizing it would be hurtful. He says he feels like I think im above him and how he needs someone to love him not put him down. I apologized because it really was an accident but he never believes me. later that week, I pointed out some behavior that I felt was a little rude (in a polite manner) and he just blew up. He started to bring uo my mistake again and then his phone died. after he charged t he texted me saying he doesn't think we cha be together. I don't know who is in the wrong here but I don't think its fair that any time we argue he ends the relationship. Whats going in here? How can I fix this?


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  • I have a strong feeling he is just playing with your emotions. That is not fair to you. and you need to talk to him about what you guys want. You can't keep cycling like this. It's going to end badly, so talk to him. Also make sure he isn't stringing you along either. That's not fair to you.


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