Long Distance Breakup: Fixable?

My boyfriend and I had been dating for 3 years. Right after his fraternity initiation, we had a long, 3 hour texting conversation and we were extremely happy--nothing was wrong. He's in college an hour and a half away. However, the next morning, I wake up to a text from him, breaking up with me. He told me he didn't want to call because he was afraid he'd change his mind. He says he needs to break up due to his own choices and needs. He feels that he wants the ability to see if he can find someone there. We were always extremely happy as a couple, and I'm very supportive of him with his choices, but I'm also a fixer. I tried to convince him to call me, and he would not have it. However, he texted me about it for two hours, instead. He then unfriended and unfollowed me everywhere and when I asked if we could talk in a couple weeks, he said "if that's what you want to do." I'm doing a no contact period now so he can sort his feelings out.

It's been a week now and I'm sure this relationship is still what I want. I've written a letter to give him over Christmas break, which is at the end of this week. His mother is appalled that he's done this (she returned a pie plate she'd borrowed just 10 minutes after it happened, and I told her. He still hasn't said a word about it.) and she's willing to let me in and give me a chance to talk to him.

So question A) Do you think he'll even come out and talk to me?

And question B) Do you think I can fix this? He says he still cares for me but the long distance is just hard. He needs the physical aspect of a relationship and he just misses me too much to be with me and wait for me to come. When I'm there he says it's wonderful but when I'm not he just feels alone.

question C) Any tips on how to fix this, if you think it's possible?

Thanks in advance.


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