Guys, HELP!!! This guy that acts like we're a couple when we see each other just went cold on me, why?

So I been seeing my ex again and we been seeing each other at least once every week aside for the week of Thanksgiving. Its been going great like no fighting nothing. When we hang or or are able to see each other we usually spend the night at his place then have a sleepover. We always act like a couple when we're together, basically just like we acted when we were in a relationship such as hugging, kissing, cuddling, and holding hands.

This past week it seemed like I asked him to hang out a lot and he was always busy such as the past two days, which is very likely because he always told his work is so demanding and he's always so busy with it.
I am just worried because he hasn't answered or suggested a next time we can be together. Also it's two weeks before Christmas.

Should I be thinking negatively or working about this whole situation?
Guys please help and comment!!!
Guys opinions are needed!!!


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  • Your ex, right?

    Is there history of sex? are you having sex with him now?

    I look at it this way, that my free time is spent with you [him with you]. I also make contentious effort throughout the day to reach out to you [him to you], "hi hun, how are you, hope your day is going well, looking forward to seeing you, etc".

    in the absence of this ancillary contact, my impression is sex is his payoff.

    be careful...

    • I don't think it is.
      We have never talked much throughout the day even when we were dating and were way busier now

    • Than, the question for you is if the relationship takes off, will you be happy in it with so little time together? So many of my friends [prior military] are in committed relationships and ate away from their wives for months - they are together because of the kids. Most of these wives are happy, however, a few would have not married a military guy knowing now how little time the see their guy.

      Question is, are you ready for limited contact with a man that has so little time for you now?

    • Well. I'm dealing with it now from him. I mean I understand and I'm busy too.

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