Am I right to want an explanation?

I used to hook up with this guy, we developed feelings for each other, and we dated for a few months. The relationship ended because of distance, but we remained good friends and talked often. Recently, we were texting each other, just talking about life. I mentioned that I had hooked up with someone, and that I liked someone else. The conversation continued for a while, until he suddenly texted me saying he wanted us to stop talking, and basically, "goodbye." He blocked me on all social media and my number, but I can email him.

He didn't give any reason for cutting off contact, but my gut feeling is that he was upset about the fact that I had moved on. I really need to hear from him why he decided to cut things off, but I don't know if he would respond to an email I send him.

What should I say in an email to make it likely that he responds? I think I have a right to know why he decided to break off our friendship, so I am set on emailing him.


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  • You do deserve an explanation but you probably won't get one

  • this is remarkable similar to something that happened to me, except the reverse. i cut off a girl once because i needed time, i'd made a terrible mistake, been way too pushy and it had caused a good friendship to just fall apart, so i cut off all communication with her, eventually i re-friended her on Facebook, but simply i needed time, and it had hurt that she suddenly started to have a boyfriend, and i could see them so often because they'd be everywhere on Facebook, IRL etc. Basically, give him time, this shock to his system is a big one, he'll question a few things, but i think you'll find he'll come back stronger, and when he does, just be that friend again, don't cut him off, don't shut him out, try not to let it be awkward, just have fun as friends.

    • This is good to hear. One thing though... the thing is that I haven't moved on. I still do love him, the other ones were just flukes. If he has feelings for me, I have feelings for him. Would telling him this change things/would it have for you?

  • This girl did the same thing to me. She just left me. I think her reason was that I didn't give her enough space... I still love her, but she just left me without saying anything. It's not right to just leave someone without saying anything. That's really cold. I sent her a bunch of emails, but I've decided to stop sending her emails today and from this day forth. I want to give my love to a girl that appreciates me for who I am. This girl just took me for granted in the end. She was really nice and sweet for the first month, but on the second month she just completely hated me only, I think I was some sort of revenge for her. Her past relationships were abusive, she took out all her anger and hatred on me. I told her it's okay to have anger and hatred towards me, but she just left me in the end. That's not cool... I love her so much, but I could never tell if she loved me back or not. It was clear in the first month that she loved me, but the second month her love for me was ambiguous. I was planning on marrying her. I really wanted to make her happy. But how can I make her happy if she refuses to meet me and keeps pushing me away?


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