I'm in my late 20s & I have never been in love before. Since I have waited this long do you think the impact will be greater if I get my heart broken?

I tried to avoid falling in love on purpose when I was younger but I'm at a point in my life where I think I can choose a bit more wisely. I am starting to like a guy more than I'm comfortable with but I am a bit concerned... If things go wrong will I be more heart broken and devastated because I have waited this long to fall in love? Most people fall in love and start a relationship in their teens early 20s, maybe that gives them a bit of immunization for later relationship drama in their lives?


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  • I think the pain of a breakup with someone you love is the same regardless of age


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  • I used to think like this.

    to be honest, it's better to get your heart broken once (or ten times) than spend the rest of your life single. life is made for pain and rejection - those things make us stronger.


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