Can Anybody Answer This Impossible Trio Of A Question?

As a woman what are the reasons to reach out to your ex after years knowing you can be great friends but he'll jump at the chance to be with you again? What are the signs (if any) that a man in this situation has a chance with his ex? Finally, why would you tell your ex there is no chance you'll EVER be with him again only to turn around & say just because you said that dosen't mean it won't happen?

Any help is welcomed


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  • I'm kind of confused, but I would go back for my ex if I still loved him. If he's a dependable person and has eased out compared to when I broke up with him, and I truly wanted to be with him, then I would just go ahead and do it. The way you typed the question makes it look like its tearing you apart. Things are only complicated when you make it out that way. Telling my ex I won't ever be with him and then telling him just cause I said that doesn't mean it won't happen probably means I still WANT to be with him, if that makes sense.


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