Do we ever really get over someone who we have been in love with?

I know after we break up with someone who we have been in love with we have a broken heart and eventually it starts to heal and we move on and meet someone new and stops thinking about our EX 24/7 and finally stop grieving and learn to be happy again with someone new and even though we have moved on do we ever truly stop loving our EX. Even though we don't have strong intense feelings anymore for them and as long as u didn't do anything that bad to each other when u were together I don't think u can just stop loving someone. Just wondering what everyone opinions were do u think u ever really stop loving someone who was the love of your life? I have been in love 3 times and am know am still young but I do believe it was love. I still intrested and check in on Facebook with them to see how there doing and care about them if I bump into them at all I do still smile seeing there face. I do believ of u fall in love with someone u never really fall out of love.


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  • First love ill always be first love
    No one can forget it, u just only replace it..


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  • I've dated many people and I haven't forgotten about any of them. Especially my last break up. It was my first intimate one. Never going to forget that one.


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