Is she over me?

My ex broke up with me and kicked me out after a year of being together. I took full responsibility for the break up. I didn't cheat, I just stopped putting in work taking things for granted that we were never going to break up. We talked for another month and she was telling me how much she loved me and how much she misses me and still sees a future with me. One day I text her, trying to come see her and she sends me a very long message about how she has a ton of family issues going on right now and how it would of been so much easier if I was a good boyfriend and was there for her so no you cannot come over. I apologized, told her I was still here for her. She said she just needed space and time to heal. That was 6 weeks ago. I sent her a present that she got and she said thank you for the present late one Saturday night recently. I haven't tried contacting her since, I am about 99% sure she has been hooking up with this guy from work. He is the exact opposite of me, and from what I can tell is its just a rebound but I dont know for sure. This girl really really loved me and I just took it for granted now I feel terrible. I just want to fix things. I really do love this girl. What do I do? Any girls out there know what a 21 year old attractive female would be thinking at this time? Is she just confused and doesn't know what she wants or is she flat out done with me. She hasn't told me to back off or get out of her life or anything. She just wants some space.


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  • Good luck bro, u fucked up big time. Never take a girl for granted, if she is over you, you never know but for now let her be. I've tried figuring this out, with an ex girlfriend who miscarried out child during pregnancy. I haven't spoken to her for over a year now, she blocked me from all social media, and there are days were i do miss her, especially after sharing a pregnancy. I tried several times but she just hates me, i dont know why. thinking back now, it would have been better for me to let her be. let her aproach you, or or when you walk into her, or talk, just be light and keep the conversations short. you never know what goes throught their minds, but all you can do is give her some space. the guy is most likely a rebound, but if you interfear with that, the longer she stays with him. gl dude.

    • Thanks man. Yeah I know I fucked up thats what makes it so hard. I had her and she was obsessed with me. I should have known better but sometimes we just don't realize what we had until we lose it. I know space is the best thing to give her and if its meant to be then its meant to be. she's young so it may just be for the best cause this could easily happen in 3-5 years when she realizes she wants to go out and have fun and not be in a relationship.

    • personally when i think about women using the phrase they want to have fun, the minute i hear that, it tells me it was never so serious for them anyway. A relationship is about sincere and compassionate feelings, its not only about fun. Another ex girlfriend of mine, who has a 4 yo daughter, the moment her little girl was at her dads place, she wanted to go out for drinks, and she kept drinking. She thought i liked it but i dont i rather spended time with her and her daughter, having fun. maybe your ex girlfriend will come back eventually, the main part is just keep your cool especially when you walk into her someday. Act like you are doing fine, and just be friendly to her and be sure you are the one that walks away.

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