Don't want to hurt him?

OK my new boy friend named Shane is moving way to fast saying things like I miss you every second and its really creeping me out I tried breaking up with him today but I couldn't. and then he texted me how long do you think we will last and a said I don't know and then he said I was thinking a year or 2 and I said really cause I was thinking another week and he hasn't talked to me since what should I do


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  • well that hurts...he didn't see that need to talk. formalize things if you really want to end it or give things another chance.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, I'm sure you left him speechless with that remark lol

    Imagine you are really into a guy, and you see it lasting a while, and he says he sees it lasting a few more days.

    I know I'd be pretty crushed.

    Guess you should either tell him to slow down a bit, you don't wanna rush things, you just wanna go with the flow and not make any "predictions" about the future of your relationship.

    or if he's freakin you out, tell him PEACE and move on.


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