Guys, saw my ex after our split 3 months ago and he avoided me?

I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend 3 months ago becuase he wasn't really doing his part. No physical affection for last 3 months-not even holding hands. Hardly talked to me and only saw me for 2-3 hours a week. He was dealing with a lot in his life-work, family, and pain from an accident which got really bad, but it started to be why he couldn't do too much. We had told eachother we were falling in love and had a deep connection. I was his 7th serious relationship. He opened up at one point saying he had fears, and trust issues and things he wasn't sure about. Well finally I had to end it but at first it was open door with a break. Well I found out he went back on dating site and I asked him about it and he had nothing to say. (he had told me he didn't want to be with anyone) Summary-great rlationship, told eachother falling in love, talk of future, then pulling away and then he had troubles in his life. I was understanding and did not get on him about it and was there for him and stayed my happy self till I was not happy at all-see above what relationship became. So now fast forward 3 months. I saw him, I was in a restaruant (on a date) and I saw him walking up to the restuarant (its a place we used to go.) I know he saw me, well he saw me and he was with a girl. So he was on a date (i know the people in his family, so I know was not that) he quickly turned the other way and avoided me. I want to understand. I felt so sad when this happened. He told me he didn't know about relationships anymore, he couldnt be with anyone, he has a lot he has to work on, he told me he was a mess. Now he is on a date? guys what do you think? running from his issues and using dating to do that? (reminder i was his 7th gf) or was it me he didn't want to be with. I dont get how he could be at where he was in such a bad place and say he can't be with anyone and now he's on a date with someone else. And why can't he face me and be a man and say hi. He completely avoided me. Ideas wh


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  • I don't know what to say other then he isn't worth thinking about if he wants to lie to you about never being in another relationship, then seeing him with another girl. I'm sorry he hurt you that way. :(


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