My boyfriend and I just broke up due to distance issues?

My boyfriend and I live about 3 hours from each other via train, it was costing him quite a lot to keep coming to see me. He had been off for a couple of days so I asked him what was wrong and it all came out, he told me the distance was too hard and he couldn't handle it. We decided to stay friends, and I asked if he wanted me to send him his hat back (his favourite hat that he left at my place) and he said for me to keep it because once I finish university we would be able to try again and distance wouldn't be a problem. He keeps telling me that it was purely the distance but I can't help feeling like I did something wrong or he doesn't love me anymore. We've spoken since and he just seems really cold towards me. He says its because he puts up a wall to protect himself from feeling too much and getting into the state I'm in at the moment. Any thoughts? Is it really possible to try again, in about a year and a half? Or am I being unrealistic?


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  • Hmmm. Well if he didn't try the first time then I would say don't try again especially if he showed you the first time that distance of three hours was an issue. Some people, like myself, have been in long distance relationships where I didn't see my boyfriend (now husband) for 2 months at a time. He was in the UK and im from Canada. It was hard. Also, you just don't know what could happen next year. Maybe you'll get a job you really enjoy and stay. And then what? All this planning to get back together for nothing. But I can only give you my opinion and my experience. Things can go way differently than you want them to go. Also, why would you think you did something wrong? You tried to initiate something and he told you he doesn't want to get too involved. I don't think you should think you did anything wrong. Sometimes people choose to not want something because they either are scared or deep down they know they can't be bothered.


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