Girls and Guys, How do I get my ex back?

Ok so me and my girlfriend broke up two days ago because I have a female friend who i talk to at work. me and my girl work at the same place and so does my female friend and rumors went around that i was seeing my friend but im not, she has a boyfriend and i dont see her in that way. well that night my girl broke up with me and the next day she gave me back the promise ring i had given her, i treated her badly for breaking up with me and just ignored her. she asked was i going to not talk to her all day and i said whats there to talk about. i told her sorry and that i love her and i want her back and she said she will think about it. what should I do? was i wrong for what happened? she has male friends but everyone kept filling her head with bull about my female friend. thanks for the help!


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  • Let it go and let her be happy with someone else


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