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knew someone from six years ago. Fell madly in love with him, and cried for months. It reallyhurt me a lot. So anyway, I just want to make it clear that, it's in the complete and utter past. Though I may still have feelings for him, he just recently tried saying how sorry he was... yadayadayada. I was like, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? He lost his chance then, and he really lost it this time. I mean what was I thinking? I reached out to him a couple of times but he treated me like absolute garbage... and then suddenly he does something ridiculous like this? :(


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  • Just leave him alone.. He'll do nothing but upset you and use you. Take the time to get over every single thing he's done, an let him go. Cause no matter what he'll never care for you the you care for him.

    • That's the point I'm trying to make across. I know that.

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