My LDR its been 5 month that she broke up with me?

Our fight on the message is so horriable she don't want to pic the call when I was blowing it her brother pic the call and saying that she laughing at me as she is saying me weirdo. As her brother and me fight on the. message as he said me so bad and I also says him bad. I don't know why she give her phone to her brother. And it's been 5 month I still message her but she didn't message. On the mail. Should I send her friend request on Skype again I do have feeling for her or what should I do?


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  • Stop contacting her. She doesn't want to be with you. It's been five months - move on with your life.

    • I know can you tell me how should I move on still feel lonely don't have anything to do

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