My ex sent me this song, what could it mean?

We broke up a while ago but still talk weekly usually. He broke up with me because of an argument and because of a mistake I made. I accidentally made a joke that insulted him, I apologized but I guess he didn't think I was sincere (Im no good at apologies.) I woke up this morning to this song

I asked him if the song was what he felt and he said yes, he meant it. Why would he send me this if he doesn't want me anymore? Should I just ignore it and move on because we always break up over the stupidest disagreements and then end up back together. Its always him ending it. He just ends things whenever we have an issue.


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  • It's up to you what you want.
    He most likely feels lonely and misses you which is why he does this.
    Do you really want to put yourself in this cycle of pain?
    I can understand one break up.
    MAYBE 2 break ups. But 2 is two too many.

    If you get back together you need to sit down and tell him its the last try. Last attempt. If he leaves again you need to block everything.

  • He really loves and hates you :(


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