Why is my ex trying to make choices for me?

He dumped me a few weeks ago and today I told him I wanted to go smoke. He said he was gonna give me some smokes and then today said he didn't want me to smoke cause its bad for me and he would ne disappointed. He smokes by the way. He said he wouldn't support my smoking habits. The other day I wore a top that showed some chest and bra. He grabbed my shirt and closed it lol saying I should cover up. I said he wasn't my boyfriend anymore and he just said he thought I had morals. Wtf is his deal? We aren't dating.
thanks guys -_-


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  • Sounds controlling. He probably wants you back so he can exert that controlling influence over you. Don't let it get to you, he can't control you anymore you're your own person


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  • First don't smoke it's repulsive second I think you should do what he tells you

    • No. I am asking why he is doing it if we are exes. I dont need life advice.

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    • They're all whores anyway, easily replaced.

    • lol still bitter over her

  • hot guys. have a choice.

    • Not an answer.

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    • u're addicted to him. sexual attraction is bitch.

    • Wow retarded troll

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