Ex boyfriend randomly deleted me off Snapchat?

My ex broke up with me 3 months ago. even though he claimed to still love me he said he wasn't happy anymore and he didn't know why. We've made little contact (maybe texted on 3 or 4 occasions - I started the coversation always) I stopped contacting him for about a month ago and then last week I text him to see when he wanted his stuff back, a few days later he deleted me off snapchat out of nowhere! I don't understand why, I really want him back so I was trying to give him space what should I do? We were together for almost two years and we're both in our early twenties


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  • Move on. Tons of better guys out there. And throw out his stuff. Keeping it around will only remind you of him. Hope this helps.

    • I wanted to throw out his stuff but I he his fathers jacket that I want to give back to him (his dad died last year, it really took a toll on him and he hasn't been the same since) I just don't understand he always watched my snapchat stories and he watched it Saturday night and then deleted me?

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    • I have it in a bag in the boot of my car since the day after we broke up. I just can't help but wish if he saw me he might realise that he still loves me. It sounds stupid I know. I just know he's had a rough year and I feel like he took that out on me and pushed me away

    • I have a day offr On work on Friday so I might try see if he's home then. I'm so scared to see him though.

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  • If he hasn't initiated contact and deletes you from social media, I think it's safe to say he's moved on. Sorry

    • Do you not think there a chance between us so? I just don't understand why he waited three months to delete me when e constantly looked at my snaochats I posted

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    • School * I mean

    • If you have his parents number, arrange to drop it off when either one of them is there and he isn't.

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