Girls, how do I win her back after she left me : ( we have a 19 month old daughter?

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  • It honestly depends on why things ended.

    • We argued a few times the baby changed everything it went from us to the three of us and we never made time for each other she made me move out and now I'm miserable I see my child maybe a few times a week and. Still give her half the rent bc I feel bad the baby needs a roof over her head still

    • Having a baby isn't easy. It's stressful on the both of you. Try telling her you'd like to have your family back , and that you'll do whatever it takes to get things back to how they used to be. But you'll have to actually do it. Explain to her how much you love her. why exactly did she kick you out?

    • She said she can't do this anymore after 5 years and said she just wants to focus on being parents but I'm torn apart by this

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