Why did he change so fast?

He was texting me almost everyday and calling me once a week on his day off and we talked for 2 hours and he would tell me he loves me and we made plans for him to come see me. He texted me while he was at work and he even asked if we could webchat. Then at the end of last month he just changed and stopped contacting me. So I texted him and he ignored me but 2 days later he texted me and he asked if I was ok and I asked him if he was ok and he said "I miss you" but when he called I broke down and said I didn't want to lose him and he said babe you think I'm just going to forget about you. He said he loves me but also said its not going to happen and I told him I need to move on and I was crying and he said "stop babe."

weve been broken up for months now it was his choice, and he's always tried to contact me and even said he wanted me but now he acts like this out of nowhere and it really hurts. Could he be seeing someone and that's why he's acting different?


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  • ... so wait... he said he wants you but he said it's not going to happen...

    does he even know what he wants?

    • He said he wanted me a couple of months ago sorry I forgot to put that, but he does tend to go back and forth on what he wants. But he's been acting very distant and different towards me lately 😢

    • "does tend to go back and forth on what he wants"

      Then move on. If he can't grow out a spine and decide on what he wants then he's not worth it.

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