Cheating & airing dirty laundry?

Ok, maybe im jealous but I got hurt badly by my ex cheating on me. I hope people can understand that?

However, as someone asked earlier they exposed their affair online.

I havnt done that because I dont wanna be the jealous partner, revenge type of guy. No one knows she's cheated. It wasn't just a one off either it was planned, several hook-ups when I wasn't around. Now, I honestly dont think we will get back together, But, seeing her suffering no consequencies (apart from losing me which I dont think she really cares tbh) means she's got away with it. Her image & reputation is still intact. Everyone thinks she's the fun girl to be around, theyre happy to have her in their life the sociable kinda girl who everyone loves, yet she's also capable of hurting & deceiving people, or me at least.

So yeah I won't air my dirty laundry, but on other hand I wish people knew the real her. So I am jealous & want revenge but in my own mind rather than actually telling people.

It hurts seeing people suffering no consequencies, yet im destroyed with zero self-esteem now because of her.


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  • I can sympathize with you on this being I have already went through it with a wife. Yeah it would give a small measure of satisfaction to get some pay back. But in the long run it would most likely cause more trouble than good. As lame as it may sound here be the bigger adult here and Karma will take care of the payback. Maybe you won't be present when she gets it , but it will eventually happen. What goes around , comes around


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  • I used to feel this way with a girl who bullied me. She was absolutely brutal towards me for years, yet everyone loved her. Called her adorable, admirable, creative, intelligent, sweet. It felt horrible knowing that not only did she bully the shit out of me, but she also got away with it by having everyone think she was someone she truly isn't.
    Did I do anything about it? Nope. I moved on. Time healed me. I don't know who she is anymore, or what she does. I don't care. I've let go.


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  • So Im 41 and was cheated on emotionally by someone else. I wasn't giving her what she needed for one reason or another. I didn't know I was "neglecting" her, she never said she was unhappy. But, never the less I didn't notice it because of my own stuff.
    She met a guy at the gym and he contacted her on facebook and she was hiding it from me for 2 months until she moved out.
    She started seeing him, but, he was living with his current girlfriend. Weird situation. But never the less I was in a dark place for about 2 months. I started sleeping with a 26 year old. We dont expect too much from each other except sex and an occasional ear.
    It does wonders for my self confidence. But, now Im wondering if Im meant to be alone.


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