Guys I need you to answer me?

I was speaking to this guy for a month and we both enjoyed our conversations , bu yesterday we decided to stop speaking because he was scared about the 'age difference' which was only 2 years. Do you think he misses me because we seemed to be close but I was putting more effort in than he was. How long do you think he might miss me for? by the way If this helps we see each other everyday as we go the same collage.


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  • Wait... he stupidly doesn't want to proceed because of a fucking two year age difference and your question is... whether he misses you or not? Excuse me but that's kind of irrelevant. Your question should be about what can be done to smack some sense into him.


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  • Sooo, i'm guessing you're two years older than him. It's normal he feels that way, just give him some time.

  • 2 years age difference? 😐 I'm sorry to say, but I guess he's plain stupid


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