How to get an ex boyfriend back?

Can anyone tell me how to get an ex boyfriend back? Is there a point to getting back together or no? I really loved this kid. We were together almost a year. Please help! I am desperate!


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  • Kind of depends on the terms of which you broke up. Was it a mutual agreement or did one of you say it was time to call it quits?

    I could just be being picky here, but you said "loved", as in past tense. If you don't have those feelings for him right now then I wouldn't even bother and just move on.

    • it was mutual, we both wanted to give it some time. We both have things to think about. We said we would re-evaluate in January. Should I do that?

    • You get give it a shot, wait till January and if you still have feelings for him, give him a call, have a chat with him and find out if the feeling is mutual. If it is, it's up to you and him to discuss what to do from there. If it's not mutual, it's time to move on.

    • Yeah, i've been thinking about a lot of things. just confused.

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  • move on, cause if he is truly done, then its done


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