Ever find yourself attracted to someone else while in a relationship?

Before I tell my story, I want everyone to know that of course I'm going to respect this couple and not do anything. I'm not that type of person. I'm just curious about this situation..

I work with a guy who I find myself crushing on. At first I felt like he would look at me, and show signs of being a shy crush. I wanna say a day or two later I get a friend request from this girl whos mutual friends with my friends so I accept. Turns out she's either the ex girlfriend or girlfriend of my crush. It turns out she added everyone thats been working with my crush, too.

Then I noticed as days went by, my crush has been distant. He'll acknowledge everyone in the room, like say hello and look at them doing it, but won't do it with me. Even when we walk past each other he won't look my way. But with everyone else he'll give eye contact or talk to them, so in my behalf it's like "I barely talked to you before, what did I do to you?"

Why do you think he's acting this way? My friends think it might be because he finds me attractive and is trying to be the loyal boyfriend that he is and just keeping distance..


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  • Again in your own words, you barely spoke to the guy, there's no reason why he should acknowledge you. You just feel there's something wrong because you have a crush on him. He's just ignoring you because he probably doesn't care. Please don't over think this.

  • yeah i think so, but he's scared that he's girlfirend will know that he has talked too you

  • It does not really matter what he thinks about you... He is taken. Find someone else!


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