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If I'm talking to an "emotionally unavailable" guy who's going through a lot right now, but wants to be friends for the time being. What should I do? At first this guy came to me really strong then he just dropped out of my life and then came back in, then when we had the whole "what are we" talk I told him I would like to have a relationship. He told me he has a ton of emotionally draining things going on right now. What should I do with him? Do you think his life will ever be cleared up enough for a relationship?


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  • You should move on.


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  • Don't wait move on

    • Yeah, but after all that time? :/

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    • He never said he wasn't ready, he said "maybe when things clear up for me we can date. I'm just going through a lot of emotionally draining things"

    • Its the same thing

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