Why say I love you then walk away 😢?

We talked a week ago and I got very emotional and told him I love him a lot and care about what happens to him. He said sorry for hurting you and I told him it's ok I'm used to it and he said no babe. I told him I felt like running away and he said "without me." He said he loves me but it's been almost a week and I haven't heard from him. He was pursuing me and made it seem like he wanted to get back together. Then he gets distant out of nowhere and now I'm left hurt.

by the way we've been broken up for months now and it was he's choice. I feel so anxious and depressed about this and I miss him very much, but I will not text or call him because no matter what I say I can't make him be in my life, all I can do is move on, but I can't help wonder why he is treating me so different 😢


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  • He doesn't know what he wants. Move on


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  • I know it is hard. But maybe back off and see if he comes to you Don't text or call him

    • It's very hard because I'm so in love with him and he knows it, but I will not text or call him ever again. I made the mistake of telling him I never wanted to lose him and he said "what do you think I'm going to forget about you" and "don't think that." but he continues to to be distant :(

    • I'm so sorry i know the feeling.

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