He looks at me but never wants to talk to me?

My ex he dumped me few years ago, he keeps looking at me but doesn't talk...
do I talk to him or just ignore him?


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  • Depends. Why did he dump you and what are your intentions towards him. I'd suggest ignoring but since you're asking this question, I'm getting the feeling that you won't do that anyway.

    • I've ignored him so far due to he has a girlfriend, he tried to talk to me to hook up but I told him no. He dumped me because he was on sites and got an ego about other women wanting him I didn't take it to well..

  • Making a few assumptions here; you have no reason to have to talk with him e. g. no kids, no shared pets, and he's returned your CD collection.

    My thought is be civil. Smile and say hi if you're within earshot of one another but other than that you should feel not compunction to HAVE to make conversation with him.

    You should be moving on, so should he.

    As I said at the begining, I've made assumptions here and I'm all too aware from personal experience that there are issues and factors that can't logically be explained why a simple "hello" might be THE WORST thing for you do.

    If the situation makes you feel awkward just admit it to yourself and address it in whatever way feel best redresses the balance.

    Goodnight, and good luck

    • He has a girlfriend but has tried on most occasions before to hookup with me, I'm nobodies bit player bit on the side so I told him to fuck off basically, but he keeps looking at me- I loved this man and hated how it ended so badly, the more I move on the more he tries to get back into my life even pretending to be others- I don't think he's right in the head but that doesn't stop me feeling sad

    • Just keep going the "F#@k off" comments I would.

      Good luck, sounds a nightmare. Hope I helped... even just a little.

  • Ex's can't be just friends


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