Dated for 2 years, I asked him what we were, he say he's not ready for relationship. I broke it off and now he say I was suppose to wait. Why?

Why did he expect me to wait after I already waited for 2 years.


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  • I don't know what do he want really this is so bad with you it just heart broken. U did right that u say him about to break it off. She he is confused guy what do he want in his life

    • Yes he's very confused, on one hand he wasn't ready for a committed relationship and on the other he's telling me I was suppose to wait for him.

    • Wait I also wait for my girlfriend when she treated like a friend as she said me she want to wait for 3 moth for commit again

    • But I don't have patience the way she treat me like she send me. message after 7 days then I was mad at her then she left me as a friend too now she don't send me message now my life is frustrated so u just to do like me. U did right to break up with him I wish I break up with her before she break up with me

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  • I am sorry that is horrible i guess walk away maybe he will realize what he had when you are gone.

    • I guess he expected me to wait another 3 years. Is it possible that he just said that to get in my head. I must admit that's all I've been thinking about since he said it.

    • You know I'm in a situation like that he would never commit acted like my boyfriend would get jealous but he was always hot and cold. I valued him so much did what ever he wanted always texted and called first it wasn't always like this. But recently I had to walk away and as much as it hurts I'm hoping he will realize what he lost. I tried to talk to him about it but he said he likes being alone and he's selfish. I lost my virginty to him. I'm hoping with me leaving instead of him he will realize what he had. All I can say is walk away and if he comes back and you know it's real then you have your answer.

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  • Evidently he was wanting things to become more but he wasn't rushing it

    • I already wasted 2 years on him, I just don't understand why he thought I was going to wait for him. I was patient and everything

    • Well if you feel all that time was a waste then simply walk away and forget him , it's just that simple

  • Now he say? Who talks like that?

    • Sorry didn't know I was writing for work or school..

    • You should always assume you are otherwise you might sound ignorant again.

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