My ex girlfriend called me yesterday saying she wants me. I love her but what do I do?

Me and my ex broke up because she cheated on me with one of my baseball buddies. She said it was his fault that he was all over her and she gave in. She finished by saying she loved me a lot but if she loved me she wouldn't cheat on me with a friend. She now is telling me she made a huge mistake and wants me to take her back. She was my first love and I will always have feelings for her. I don't know what to do


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  • I've had a guy friend that had the same problem. I'm telling you if she loved you as much as she said she did she wouldn't have done that hurtful thing to you. No matter how much she was tempted she was committed to you, and she took that all for granted. You may love her and if you do get back with her that's just going to stay in your mind, and so should this question " if I forgive her this time, what's going to stop her from doing it again?" trust me on this one,better people will come by that will love you,and won't be tempted. Remember once a cheater always a cheater.


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  • Once a cheater is not always a cheater. Sorry. It doesn't work that way. We've all made mistakes and if she's willing to put in a huge effort - I think she deserves a second chance.

    But you need to assert yourself over the relationship. Don't take any crap from this girl. If it would make you happy to take her back and see it work (hopefully), I say do it.

    Good luck!

  • i think you should take her back

    me personally I have cheated numerous of times and I felt bad even though I loved him a lot I still cheated but no matter what he was my number one. . its weird to explain but you have a good point if you love someone why would you cheat ? I still don't know the answer to that because now that I don't have him I'm devasted

    sooo I think you should tell her you want to take things slowly and see wherre it goes

    everyone deserves a second chance

    • I can't believe someone actually supports cheating.

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    • People shouldn't get away with their mistakes though. If you cheat, you might be sorry, but it doesn't mean you deserve your boyfriend anymore. Just as if you commit a crime, you might be sorry, but you still have to pay the time.

    • Okay then in that case if you feel like she doesn't deserve a second chance then don't do it, but I think you should

  • to Err is humane to forgive devine, in this case forgive would be like jumping into quick sand. I am not saying you two shouldn't be together, but's all his fault...? she is taking no responsibility in what happened, leaving the door wide open for it to be someone elses fault again down the road. Just step back and tell her your not looking for excuses looking for someone who takes responsibility...see what she says ...

    you step back and I bet she will be stepping right back out!

    I think she got tapped and maybe the guy just wanted a piece of ass and said see ya

    I mean how would you trust someone that would cheat on you with your buddy, and how the

    hell would you ever trust your buddy...seems to me that they may be made for each other.

    I know that seems harsh... but just think about it...

  • f*** that bitch. she cheated on you with one of your friends, you deserve better than that. and what's more this girl can't even take responsibility for her actions. if someone can't own up to what they did and take full responsibility, they can't be truly remorseful. it wasn't all his fault because he was all over her. she was your girlfriend and she could have said no and left the situation. how could you trust her? what if the next guy throws himself at her, is she going to fall into his bed too? she does not deserve you. you sound like a really good guy and you deserve someone who is going to be faithful to you and not even do that. I know its hard but with time you will get over her.

    • I completely agree how is she gona try and say its not her fault! . .. Let her want you she deservers to, and it doesn't sound like she's to sorry, trying to but the blame on other people I would say if you really care about her maybe in future you can be together when she grows up and wants to take responsibility for her actions and can earn your trust back in some shape or form, but in the meantime I would do my own thing , sleep with one of her friends Lol!! just kidding! (kinda) .

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  • tell her to stick a baseball bat up her pussy. the stupid bitch will cheat on you again in the future, it may not be next week, next year or even in 5 years time, it might be when you two are married with kids and she starts to get bored, she'll do it again and think you'll forgive her. if she did it once she can do it again even more easily. don't waste your life on a cheating whore. trust me, if she really loved you she would never have done it in the first place.

    • Ps, trust me, most of those who say to forgive her are probably cheaters themselves, these lowlifes stick up for one another. you better than this bitch, go find a real girl, not a whore.

  • Everyone deserves a second chance, especially if you love her


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