Found out my ex boyfriend (also best friend) lied to me?

About him Not dumping me for another girl,but because he felt we couldn't work out, turned out it was a lie cause he was interested in another girl at the time and when she denied him he asked me again to be his girlfriend. Then we broke up again 6 months later,Also found out he had been asking girl friends of mine for nude pictures while we were still together.

He wants to still be friends and we have been until I was told by a girl friend of mine all he's been doing,and that he's still lying to me Even tho were just friends now.

BIG lies at that,so I'm not sure what to do.

How do I trust him again after all this?

or should I just cut my Best friend of 5 years,Ex boyfriend out of my life?

Advice please?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Best friend or not, he used you for sex and an easy relationship.

    Move on without being his friend, without saying goodbye, and without hugging him the last time.

    You don't need to say sorry - You didn't do anything wrong, but try and care for a pig

    You don't need to say goodbye - The jackass did that for you, by asking for nude photos

    You don't need him in your life - The prick put a nail in his own casket for you.


    Move on, it will be easy to move on... but hard to let go.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Why on earth would you still want to be friends with someone like that? Cut all ties. Period.


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  • It sounds like he doesn't have the best intentions when it comes to you and that when it gets down to it, he really doesn't care about you as a person to do that to you. I think you need to cut off all ties with him. He seems like a negative thing in your life and that he's just causing you drama. He not only used you but he basically threw you away just for another girl but then decided to go back to you as a last resort type thing. If he really valued your friendship then he would have been up front about everything while you guys were going out just to protect your feelings as a person.


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