Ladies, I told my girlfriend I quit my job. Would you be turned off?

I am currently attending college and I quit my part time job because I don't have the time to focus on work and school so I quit because school is more important and because I hate my manager.

If you were my girlfriend would you be turned off?

And if it helps I'm a freshmen in college and my girlfriend is a senior in high school.


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  • you gotta do what you gotta do. it's true. I quit my part time job because I couldn't handle school and work.

    It's not like you were in a career oriented field and were slowly making your way to the top, and you've got bills, mortgage, etc. to pay.

    school IS more important right now.

    and this has nothing to do with her. so what, you can't take her out as much. she can take you guys out once in a while, or you guys could stay in.

    besides, she's in high school, what does she know about college workload? Nada.

    Ultimately, I would not be turned off. From personal experience, which I supposed would make me biased, I would completely understand the related stress. I often felt my ex should quit his part time job because it was really interfering with school AND he had a horrible manager, but he needed the money. Now he has a different part-time job, and I think it's even more demanding.

    • Thansk for the answer. It really helped a lot! :)

    • Np. Good luck with school and the girl!

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  • I would say "whatever works for you" to your face, but in my own mind:

    I would be THINKING: "Why is this guy trying to pull one on me? I've watched people take advanced courses with 2 jobs. My dad was one of those people"... Like I'm thinking now.

    Do what works for you. If you find it better for you to not be working with a sh*tty manager- I can respect that. Just make sure you speak the truth or that you don't speak at all ;D (Trust me! You don't get in trouble that way!) <-- Thanks man... I just got smacked in the chest from a girl... Appreciated... truelly... thanks.

    Live, learn, laugh, love =D

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Are you a lady?

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    • Nope, I'm certain I'm a guy. Why does it sound that way?

    • Haha I know you're a guy, I meant it in a sarcastic way. well, because the question was "Ladies, would you be turned off" and it sounded like a script, where you were the lady and you were saying:

      "whatever works for you" to your face, but in my mind THINKING "why is this guy...." etc.

      i guess that wasn't what you were doing? :S

      Nvm, I guess I'm just confused?

  • I think you did what was best for you and your future. She has to respect that.


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