My ex checked my snapchat?

I don't know if he's my ex cuz when I confronted him, all he did was evade the question and get mad and turning the tables basically on me (I did kinda bring it up on the wrong time since he was with family) so now we're not talking and he deleted all but one #wce photo of me on his IG. Weird thing about that is that he didn't delete the photo. But he changed the caption from "I'm one lucky guy #wce" to just "#wce" Now, we've been broken up (?) for only a couple of days and he never EVER views my snapchat, but he's been viewing it lately. Is there any meaning to this? And why would a guy delete everything but one photo and Change the caption? I don't see the logic if we're broken up?


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  • With the whole snapchat thing, are they your stories or are you sending them directly to him? If they're stories, he could be nosy or is probably one of those people who just taps through all his friends snapchat stories regardless of who they are--I do that, I still view my exes's stories... not because I'm nosy though--just because I'm bored and on my phone and if there's a story to view, I'll probably click on it. Although if he's doing it just as of recently, he could be trying to keep tabs on you and see what you're up to...
    As for the Instagram photos, he prolly just doesn't want a flood of photos of him and his ex (you) on there, save for just the one... if he deletes the last one up there, it's gonna look like he's trying to erase you from his life, maybe. So he just chose to keep one up? That's all I can think of.

    • Well I broke up with him forreal because the last break up was kinda left unsure. But he deleted all the photos on IG of us and instead put on his bio "🔓🔓😕". Does that mean he's sad he's single? Cuz it doesn't make sense if he's sad he's single because he responded calmly and quickly when I broke up with him like he was waiting for me to break up this whole time. Unless, the "🔓🔓😕" is meant for someone else?

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    • I'm wondering if he deleted most of the photos except one because he's trying to forget. I've had exes do that before, and I'm pretty sure I've done the same. As for the emoji things for his IG bio, I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. The sad face might mean he's sad, but I don't know what the locks would mean. Odd. I think if you want to talk it over with him, at least give him some time to process everything. At least a few weeks. Are you saying he started to act distant after you guys broke up? And he started deleting the photos after you broke up, right? Not before? If he started acting distant after you broke up, that's kind of a given. I could see myself doing the same thing, maybe.

    • No he distanced himself when we had sex. And I'd give it a couple of weeks but I don't know, I don't want him to be like "okay?" I wanna address it when I still can because I know he's gonna think I'm wasting his time if I do it later on. And the locks are supposed to represent his relationship status so this "🔓🔓" is supposed to mean he's single. I don't know, Che's confusing right? I just wanna figure it out because I still like him and if he wants to actually try, I'd be willing to take him back, but if he meant that for someone else, well, ouch.

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