Is my ex playing hard to get or he doesn't care?

So i wished him well on his finals etc and during holiday season. Then just to talk. He would respond every 3 min which is a record. Third time as well. He had to study for his finals and said he hate to cut it short. I was like no i will tell you what i had to tell you tomorrow. He was like now you have to tell me lol and he was desperate to know. I found it to be fun. But till the end i did because he was like please stop playing games. I was like i was thinking we should meet up and catch up before or after you go on your Christmas trip. Of desired or possible. He was like yeah sure. Whenever i feel better (he got strep). He was like i will talk to you tomorrow in detail. Did he expect me to initiate again because it has been 4 days already..


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  • Hey there again I just ran into your question. If ya want any advice from my end just pm me :)


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  • We don't play "hard to get" because we wanna get laid.

    • I never had sex with him so

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    • text him sure. or email.

    • Or maybe i should wait for him to text. So not to be pushy

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