Guys, how do I make things clear with ex?

My ex has another new girlfriend, yet still tries to mess around with me. I love him but I also know he is playing both of us. I want to let him know this is not OK without sounding like a bitch...


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  • Sorry for what a happened, but simply you still giving him the priority to be his backup plan. if you're afraid to lose him as he already lost you before, you'll lose yourself respect. life gets much easier when you deal with the source of your pain by cutting him out form your life.

    but if you wait until something happen to take your next step, you’ll likely be waiting the rest of your life. make your happiness more important than him and move on, cuz the only person who can make things right is you.

    Good luck...

    • Thank you so much! Things clarified themselves a bit last night via some drunk texts. Basically, he said he gets bored easily and he can't just be with one person... so, your opinion is right on!

    • saying (No) to the right people, gives you the time and necessary resources to say (yes) for the right opportunities.
      No... to him.
      yes... for forgiving yourself for what you think you did or didn’t do, and focus on what you'll do starting now.

      Thank you for trust...(MHO)... wish you the best.

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  • Love hurts, doesn't it? It hurts even more when the guy you used to know becomes a Jackass. Go in strong and lay it on him. I say hon, drive him up a wall and leave him hanging. You deserve better.

  • he's being an ass, why do you care if you sound like a bitch?


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