Girls i'm confused help?

I dated her for a year, and we we're 19. She left to college 300 miles away. We broke up but still kept it cool as friends only on social media. A year later today we're 20. She ended up moving back since she missed being with everyone. The first week she moved back she phoned me and offered to hang out for lunch. Keep in mind we never had sex since she claimed she was a virgin so i never really tried full throttle to sleep with her but i did hinted and she kept saying she wanted to wait. I was anxious to ask her if she dated anyone and she said "yes nothing serious". I then asked her how far she got? and she wouldn't reply. I can tell by her body language/face she was uncomfortable as in wanting to run. I admitted i slept with a girl she knows. I know it's not like it matters but i wanted to be honest and for her to be honest too. Needles to say she never answered it and instead started talking smack like "Only that one girl? that's it mr. hotshot". She dumped me after this.

The fact she never answered her question what did that mean? all my friends are saying she was just maybe ashamed she lost her v-card while in college and my other friends are saying i messed up


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  • I'm guessing that sadly she got raped. It sadly happens on campuses way to often. With you it really depends on how she feels. She might have felt that you should have waited for her and she hoped that you would. She felt down but hid it. It also might just have been you stuck your nose into her wound. Unknowingly so but still she was not ready to be there on that subject with you yet.

    All you might have done is not know and accidentally hurt your freind. Go try and talk with her and ask her about it. If she looks scare say that your sorry you accidentally hurt her and what you can do to still be her freind.


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