So here's the conversation I'm having with my EX about SEX. Calling on experts. Mega confused. Looking for MHO?

So yeah, as stated, we are talking about sex. I have absolutely no idea what he's trying to tell me here, please, can you guys help?
So here's the conversation I'm having with my EX about SEX. Calling on experts. Mega confused. Looking for MHO?

I feel I have misunderstood him, please help?

For the record, he has continued to be flirty with me even after this conversation.

I'm the blue and he's the grey.
Come on guys, keep up with those opinions!


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  • Physically he wants you but the emotional baggage that comes with you two hooking up is not wanted.

    • Absolutely sure? He did say about the break up making it hard for him to say anything because of all the history. Did you read it as him being the grey and me being the blue? Also, thanks for your help.

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    • Flirting means he's attracted to you and he may feel safe flirting with you. But you did break up for whatever reason, so that may be why he's only flirting.

    • Well he has said that is flirting was never an issue before, so I guess he knows it's a safe option. When he video called me, we ended up masturbating and getting naked 😳 But apart from that he was really warm towards me... not sure if he regretted it the next day though or not.

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  • Move on, sweetie, he is playing around with your head and your feelings, believe me. He doesn't want a Real Relationship, and even if you both were just two birds of a feather in a cozy nest until Someone more special for you comes Along, it would be fine with him, he would go about his business and be Singing... Another song.
    I am wise ol owl with guys like him.
    As far as I am concerned, you are the More deserving One and he is in 'The Blue" with No Clue About... You. I think the shoe is on the other foot here, Dear... He has sadly Misunderstood you.
    Good luck and Happy Holidays. xx


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  • I think he was flirting with you. I think he misses having sex with you. But he is not admiting it. He is trying to be tough about it and not needy about it. I don't believe he would turn sex down. I guess he probaly has to like the person first before he has sex with them.

    • What if we've never had sex, though? Well why don't you believe he'd turn sex down?

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    • Lol your very welcome.☺. Thanks again to.☺

    • You're welcome :)

  • Wow you are way too intense im surprised he hasn't just run for the hills yet, dont be so insecure. Your stressing way too much.

    • Am I being too intense? :/ tell me how? I appreciate your honesty... I guess I'm surprised he hasn't either. I'm blue and he's grey by the way.

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