Is he more likely to cheat on me because of his age?

I have a friend that I have been talking to for a month. He is 18 and I am 21. He had a girlfriend when I met him but he would text me everyday all day and even started to call me every night. As a couple weeks passed by I started to go over his house a couple days out of week. He is so sweet to me but our communication is not like it used to be. He doesn't really text or call anymore but when I go over his house we are all under each other and stuff. He recently broke up with his girlfriend because they were on bad terms but does this scarce communication mean that he has stopped liking me and is he most likely to cheat because he is young?


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  • People cheat because they're not mature enough to deal with their own (communication) problems (within the relationship); or because they're not mature enough to see possible depths of a relationship if you work a little bit on it. I know 16-year-olds with a maturity of a 32-year-old and vice versa. So I don't think physical age matters.

    The scarce communication part does however - if you feel it's going down, let him know about it - just don't push it too much; guys usually don't want to feel "suffocated". Better to just let him know you want to spend time with him more than to ask him why he is not spending the same amount of time with you..Maybe it is something completely outside of your relationship which makes him talk less - but at least you'd have let him know that you want to be there for him..

    • Thanks so much for your advice!! =)

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    • But also don't become too dependent on him - if your gut feeling says something is changing, then probably it is. But that doesn't mean it has anything to do with you - I'd just wait it out: you told him how you felt the past days - it's up to him now to take your feelings serious very soon and do something about it. If you show your own self-confidence and trust in him, he may come to you with request for advice for whatever is bothering him - so stay strong and see..?

    • You seem very experienced and I am really loving your advice right now. I know the things that he tells me and its all just been a crazy situation. I thought it was weird at first because I'm like ok I'm talking to an 18 year old.

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  • It's the person you need to look at, not the age, sex or background, that will tell you if he/she will likely cheat on you...

    If he is seeing you every few days, he won't feel the need to text or call you that often...

  • I believe in the saying "if it happens with you, it will happen to you".

    I don't know if he will cheat. However, I know that he will not settle down with you forever. He is young and just now experiencing the world. Earth has many places with many people. Many people come many experiences. Many experiences comes character development and maturity. He is growing and is figuring out what he wants in life as any young adult is doing. How many 18 year olds actually has the knowledge and capability to take on the world: taxes, court situations should something come up, bills, escrow, etc. I don't know of ANY!

    Here is what I'm saying, enjoy it for what it is now! but don't expect the unrealistic = forever man. Both of you are growing in personality, morality, career, goals, financial expectations, physically, just criteria in life in general.

    Hope this explains things better.


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  • I don't think age matters but I think he might cheat on you just because the way he handled things with his ex. Seems like he gets bored easily and changes girl a lot. But who know you two might be hitting a bad strike...

  • Honey seriously if this is the way he treated his ex girlfriend while seeing, texting, calling you what makes you think that he's not going to treat you the same.

    • Thats so true but she was seeing his cousin behind his back and to this day he still doesn't know about it.

    • Two wrongs do not make a right though. Also what goes around comes around.

    • Yea that is true also!!

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