😫Ex Boyfriend?

My Ex Boyfriend and I ended our relationship due to long distance. We both still love one another and still keep in contact. I still want a future with him just the feeling of unfinished business. What shall I do?
  • Try again - in the future🕘
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  • Move on💔
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  • Stay friends😆
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  • Fall in love again - These still hopeā¤
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  • I think you should try again with him. You have to put a lot of effort into long distance relationships though

    • He wanted to try the whole long distance relationship but I didn't.

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    • Whats his situation? Is he moving closer to you anytime soon?
      If so, just be friends until he comes

    • I'll wait until we're adults its the only solution due to being young its difficult

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd say try again but depends if he still wants to be with you

    • Yes, he still trys to reach out to me and if I don't respond he gets upset.

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  • I voted "Move on"

    The problem was never fixed. If you enter into a relationship with him you will go through a repeated cycle.
    The same problem of long distance which was never fixed , will still remain.
    I think you should move on with your life, but still keep him close.

    Not everyone can handle long distance relationships.

    Adults have such a hard time doing so...
    I can imagine even worse with a teen.

    • Yes, we ended on good terms and still keep in contact.

    • I can handle a long distance relationship but due to being young its highly difficult to physically reconnect with one another. If i were a adult it will increase the possibility of handling this situation mentally and physically.

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