Messaging my ex happy birthday even if I still have feelings?

we dated for a short time in the begining of the year then broke up and were friends he started dating someone and we completely stopped talking i deleted him on social media to try to get over him. I feel like he was my soulmate but we were just going through different stages at the time. I dont know if sending him a random dm or snapchat saying happy birthday is a good idea or not. we haven't talked since June I don't know if he's still with the same girl. i still love him.


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  • I think you should send the birthday snap chat. Since you miss him and thank about him. Maybe he may look at it and view it.

  • He never ever going to reply u again it happen with me but our break is so bad that u can't imagine but I still have feelings for her Which make me frustrated so please don't do ignite never worth


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