Ex now seems willing to talk to me, but he texted me to break up and refused to call?

Long story short, my ex and I dated for 3 years. He broke up with me over text and we're a small long distance relationship. He lives an hour and a half away at college but he came home for Christmas.

It's been two weeks since the breakup and his mother and I have spoken and she told him I wanted to come over to give him a letter of closure I wrote and get my promise ring back. But he texted me--refused to call because he didn't want to change his mind to break up, and I was under the assumption that when I went to talk to him he probably just wouldn't speak to me.

Now, however, he told his mother that "anytime is fine" for me to come by. I really do want to talk about getting back together and I question if he might want the same thing since he's willing to talk to me when he wasn't before. It seems bizarre. We broke up because he missed me too much while he was gone to college and missed the physical contact. We've been two weeks since the break up NC.

Anyone have any insight on this? Think he could have changed his mind or is he just willing to talk to me to get it over with?


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  • Those are stupid reasons to break up. Why do you want this pussy that breaks up over a text and communicates through his mama? You can do much better


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