Why would my ex as about blokes who have previously said they were interested in me?

I have seperated from my ex fiance for several months. Things have been kept amicable as we have a 6 month old son together. He was staying at my place recently to give me a hand with carting Christmas presents around to his brothers place (as I dont drive and I am still very friendly with his family), and when I told him that while he was here he could look after our son while I go to the movies with another male friend (who I had a crush on and have always spent a fair bit of time with).

He then asks me, " Isn't (male friend) the guy who had a crush on you?"

Why would he ask me this question? Why should he care since he was the one who broke it off with me (over facebook messenger no less!)?


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  • Okay, so... this is going to sound offensive, but I promise it's with the most gentle disposition and kindest intentions that I pose this to you:

    Why the hell do you care what his opinion is on the matter?

    I would be willing to bet you could answer that question and yours I'm the same way. Just told from different perspectives.


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