Ex said he wanted to stay friends after a break up?

When we broke up last Sunday he told me he wanted to stay "really good" friends. If he wanted to stay friends why hasn't he texted me since Monday? Was he lying? He doesn't care about me? He doesn't want to be friends anymore?


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  • Some people don't text their friends constantly. Honestly I'm not sure why you're concerned if he cares about you or not anymore if you broke up.

    • Maybe cuz he broke up with me and I still like him?

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    • Good luck, break ups always suck but whatever happens you can get through it!

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  • Likely he just wanted to be friendly and make you feel better in the moment or he wants to keep his options open. Either way, it's never a good idea to be friends with a ex especially if they do absolutely no effort to be a friend.


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