Should I pretend I don't recognize exs number?

I deleted his number after we broke up 2 months ago. He texted me yesterday at 1 AM asking how I am. I just recognized his default pic on whatsapp.

Should I pretend like I don't know who it is? Or would that seem like a mind game?


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  • Ha ha... if he has the same pic as when you were dating, pretending not to recognise him wouldn't be believable. I would not recognise playing mind games regardless...

    • He has a picture of his nephews lol

    • OK. If he has shown you pics of his nephews before, or you have met them, yeah again not believable...

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  • Don't play any games.
    Either you want to answer or you don't.
    You have to pick a stance on this and follow through with it.
    What sense would acting like you don't recognize a number make?
    Nothing more but drama and hurt feelings on his part.

  • Just ignore him if you don't want to talk to him.

  • Yeah, do it. Or ignore him lol


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