What should I do?

So me and my boyfriend for about a year split up in August when he went to college. Although it was mutual, I was still a little hurt that he didn't even wanna try staying together and just wanted to have "the college experience" over me.
He came home when he had a concussion and on Thanksgiving break and we saw each other and it was fine.
At one point we even decided to be exclusive again but I broke it off cause I emotionally couldnt handle being with him at the time. I couldnt forgive him and I thought he didn't deserve to just get right back with me.
However, now it is his winter break and he's home for a full 2 months! I made a list of rules I abide by such as "only hangout with him alone once a week" and "only text once a week" but it is still really confusing. When I see him, he acts all cute around me, almost as if were in a relationship again and then I expect him to try texting me the next day or something but he doesn't. I feel as though I dont just wanna be used as a "girlfriend like friend" but then not have him put in any effort. To be honest, I kinda just want him to ask me to hang out just so I can turn him down because I know I wouldn't wanna be in a relationship any time soon. My emotions are just all over the place with this thing because we both still really love each other however I just dont wanna get hurt like I have in the past.


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  • seems like you want him to choose you over his future, isn't that a little selfish?


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  • You should move on.


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