For both men and women , is it normal to be so angry at an ex boyfriend and how is this impacting on him , I want to stop feeling so angry but how?

Recently my ex broke up with me , up to date it's over 3 months ago , we were togther for only 3 months I am 24 he is 26 , it was a very short relationship but very intense and so was the break up , it was either rage or passion no in between , and don't mistake that for him being rage full he was only ever verbally rage full once and nothing agressive from his side he keeps it under control , after the break up he cried whilst leaving me he kept coming back but leaving and seemed really messed up and genuinly upset , I became so angry and resentful , things went very fast and the both of us are highly emotional , after the break up I have become all the steriotypes exept I haven't stalked him I haven't swayed any girls away I've not even declared love I've just been demanding answers and crying and overall telling him how it's affecting me withought a response I was really mad I said some really nasty things and it's eating me up inside , he's said some bad things too , overall id say we are both clingy his previous girlfreinds have left him for this , but I always felt it was an exuse and it didn't scare me away from him I felt that we could both understand what it's like to be like that , but with the trust we had for eachother there was no need to be clingy neither of us worried about anything , but we Also wore eachother out we could separate we were obsessed with eachother in a way , and now he's hurt and I'm hurt and furious , he went no contact on me for a while he said he needed to to move on , I took it badly and I really shouldn't of , later he called me and got upset saying how sorry he was for being so angry at me (he'd started making it obvious he was mad during no contact and it felt like punishement he'd turn away and make it very clear he was angry ) (probably due to me texting and calling not letting him move on ) he also did the same to me before this happend so we'd both done it but it didn't make it okay, he wanted to end on good terms I told hi


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  • Anger is an outward manifestation of hurt. It's a natural emotion. Obviously we all display anger in different ways. Sometimes if it's out of control people can harm others or themselves. In your case your you need answers , so you're becoming frustrated. Maybe if you can both talk about your feelings and why it ended the way it did you'll feel less bitter and frustrated.


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